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International Russian-French workshop "Actual problems of artificial intelligence"

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International Russian-French workshop "Actual problems of artificial intelligence" was held on November 18, 2019. This workshop gathers French experts in AI and specialists in AI from the Faculty of Computational mathematics and Cybernetics, Moscow State University. French experts and representatives from chairs of Mathematical Physics, Mathematical Methods for Forecasting, General Mathematics, Nonlinear Dynamic Systems and Control Processes, Algorithmic Languages, and Mathematical Methods of Image Processing Lab presented reports.

Alexander RAZGULIN, CMC MSU intro
Nicolas BOUSQUET, The French national strategy on AI: Towards hybrid AI for French industry
Archil MAYSURADZE, Data Driven Analysis and Control of Technical Systems
Romaric REDON, Overview of AI R&T roadmap for AIRBUS / Certifiable AI, open issues and research
Ilya SMIRNOV, Trajectory analysis and its applications for turbine balancing
Fabien MANGEANT, Big data & AI for autonomous vehicles / BI, analytics & data management: lessons learnt @ RENAULT
Oleg GONCHAROV, Application of artificial intelligence in control theory
Cédric BUCHE, Interactive Machine Learning
Alexander KHVOSTIKOV and Andrey KRYLOV, Active contour + CNN: segmentation of histological images
Jean-Michel LOUBES, Understanding and removing bias for a fair and explainable AI
Natalia LOUKACHEVITCH and Boris DOBROV,Ontology-based Natural Language Processing
Xavier VIGOUROUX, Computing resources, AI and trends
Yulia KORUKHOVA, Information retrieval for music and mathematics
Mireille REGNIER, AI research activities at INRIA

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