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CMC MSU students at GSIS Summer School, Tohoku University, Japan

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This summer, July 31 – August 9, four CMC MSU students took part in GSIS Homogenization and Numerical Analysis International Summer School in Sendai, Tohoku University, Japan. At first Professor Jun Masamune gave two preliminary lectures, reviewing and introducing notions of functional analysis, which were later used in the main lecture series. Then students had a one-day course by Takashi Nakazawa on a high-level numerical analysis programming language – FreeFEM++. During the day students were given programming assignments to complete. The next five days were devoted to periodic homogenization of PDEs – lecture series by Professor Francois Alouges (Ecole Polytechnique, France). Students started with a heuristic approach and proceeded with building a suitable mathematical framework to justify its results. Towards the end of the course Professor talked about homogenization in numerical analysis. Throughout the course students were given home works to do, and at the end four groups of participants presented their solutions to big ‘final’ problems. After the lecture series there was a workshop, where invited speakers talked about applications of homogenization to their research.

School participants were also given an opportunity to present their research to others. The Russian team prepared posters and small presentations:
• "The support operator method for modeling fluid flow in elastic vessels" by Nikita Afanasiev (Dept. of Computational Methods, CMC MSU),
• "Existence of rotating wave solutions to a delayed diffusion functional differential equation" by Stanislav Budzinskiy (Dept. of Mathematical Physics, CMC MSU),
• "The Study of CABARET scheme" by Pavel and Petr Maiorov (Dept. of Computational Methods, CMC MSU).

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