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CMC MSU – Zhejiang international workshop

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CMC MSU – Zhejiang international workshop was held on December 14, 2018 at CMC MSU.

List of reports presented.

Alexander Razgulin, Professor, vice-dean - "CMC MSU intro"

Archil Maysuradze, Associate Professor, Chair of Math Methods of Forecasting - "Data Mining, Data-Driven Analysis and Prediction"

Nikita Skovoroda, Assistant Professor, Chair of Supercomputers and Quantum Informatics - "Quantum Informatics"

Zhu Shiqiang, Zhejiang Lab - "Presentation of Zhejiang Lab"

Ruslan Smelyansky, Corresponding Member of RAS, Professor, Chairman of Computing Systems and Automation - "SDN and NFV in New Generation Network"

Sergey Lozhkin, Professor, vice-dean, Chair of Math Cybernetics - "Mathematical Cybernetics and Mathematical Models of VLSI design"

Andrey Krylov, Professor, Head of the Lab of Mathematical Methods of Image Processing - "Hybrid Methods of Image Enhancement"

Alexander Khvostikov, PhD student - "Deep Medical Analysis Methods"

Leonid Mestetskiy, Professor, Victor Chernyshov, PhD student, Chair of Math Methods of Forecasting - "Mobile biometric identification system on the dorsal side of the hand"

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