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May 31, 2020: Virtual Open Day for International Students at Lomonosov Moscow State University

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On May 31, Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov held a virtual Open Day for future international students. Visitors of the Open Day are able to remotely connect to the broadcast and learn all the most relevant information first-hand. Rector of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Full member of the Russian Academy of Science, Victor Sadovnichy talk about the past, present and future of Moscow State University. Deans and representatives of the Admissions Committees of faculties in answer questions about the rules of admission of international students in 2020.

To hold a virtual Open Day on May 31, special online portals are opened in Russian (, English ( and Chinese ( Future students will are able to learn about Lomonosov Moscow State University and its programs and visit its scientific laboratories, educational buildings, sports facilities, libraries and self-study rooms in a virtual tour mode.

In the program of the Open Day:
• Welcome address of the Rector of Lomonosov Moscow State University
• 360° tour of the campus, educational and scientific buildings of the university
• Interviews with the Deans
• Online consultation of admissions officers in three languages (Russian, English and Chinese)
• Introduction of educational programs of MSU open for enrollment in 2020
• Admissions and application procedures for international students in 2020

Special site CMC MSU Virtual Open Day is focused to the presentation of CMC MSU and
CMC Lomonosov Moscow State University – Skoltech MSc Program Advanced Computing and Networks.

Rector of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Full member of the Russian Academy of Science, Victor Sadovnichy says:
“Foreign citizens planning to enter the Lomonosov Moscow University will be able to apply for admission from June 15, 2020. All entrance examinations will be conducted exclusively in a remote format. Today, at Moscow State University, not counting the branches, about 8 thousand foreign students study. Year after year, Lomonosov Moscow State University shows a steady increase in the number of international students entering their first year at our university. Last year, this growth was about 15%, and the total number of international students who began classes in their first year in 2019 was about 2,700. In 2020, we expect about 3,000 new international students to become members of the supportive and dynamic family of Moscow University."

Specific features of admissions of international students in 2020:
• Submitting an application for admission to Lomonosov Moscow State University for Bachelors, Specialties and Master’s programs will be allowed from June 15, 2020.
• Applicants will be able to submit their documents remotely in electronic form using the secure online application portal of Lomonosov Moscow State University.
• During the first year of study, the applicant must submit to Lomonosov Moscow State University originals of documents uploaded to its online application portal.
• The dates of entrance examinations for applicants for the first year of study at the Bachelors, Specialties and Master’s programs will be announced on the website of the Central Admissions Committee of Moscow State University no later than June 1.
• All entrance examinations will be conducted in a remote format.
• For international applicants, entrance examinations will be held in several waves - as the groups form, starting from June 16.

Information for foreigners who wish to study at CMC MSU

Today, international students from 75 countries study at MSU. About 30% are citizens of neighboring countries (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Belarus), another 50% are citizens of the Asian region (China, Republic of Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan).

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