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Тисевич Илья Олегович

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Инженер КГиМ

I have graduated from gymnasium 1514 in 2002 and from the department of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics of the Moscow State University in 2007. Presently, I am an engineer at the Moscow State University, Department of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics. As a researcher at the Graphics and Media Lab, I have participated in a number of projects focused on photorealistic visualization and representation of related data. Among my research interests are photorealistic visualization, including ray tracing, beam tracing and combined techniques, GPU-based post-processing and computation algorithms (bordering on GPGPU methods) and optical effects simulation.

Research Projects:

  • Methods of 3D definition in textured surfaces, using displacement maps and per-pixel subsurface ray-tracing
  • GPU-accelerated displacement map generation for pairs of arbitrary polygonal models
  • Photorealistic visualization of transparent refractive crystals
  • Photorealistic visualization of defects and inclusions within transparent refractive crystals and defocus simulation techniques
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