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Встреча с ADSC (Singapore)

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В четверг 13 сентября, в 16:20, в ауд. 685 состоялась встреча с представителями ADSC (Singapore)

The Advanced Digital Sciences Center (ADSC) is a center for research led by faculty of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. ADSC is located at the Fusionopolis research facility in Singapore.

В рамках встречи студентам рассказано о возможностях летней стажировки в ADSC (работа над научными проектами в рамках групп ADSC). Направления исследований:
• Signal Processing
• GPU programming
• other

Marianne WINSLETT, Director of ADSC,
Kyle Rupnow, Nanyang Technological University and Advanced Digital Sciences Center (Singapore)

Прочитан доклад

Kyle Rupnow

Automated General Purpose Graphics Processor Optimization

Abstract: Graphics processors have large potential for accelerating many applications, but meeting the potential is a non-trivial task. Although the CUDA programming language appears to be a high-level language, it is closely tailored to the GPU architecture -- programmers commonly re-optimize or entirely re-write algorithms for each GPU platform. Common optimizations include transformations for control flow divergence, register allocation & binding, thread allocation, and shared memory allocation. Specialized optimizations for each platform place a burden on programmers and reduce utilization of GPU resources. This talk highlights ongoing work at the Advanced Digital Sciences Center on creating automated techniques for these common optimizations to increase GPU kernel quality while simultaneously reducing programmer burden.

Kyle Rupnow is specialist in GPU optimization, scheduling, and architectures; FPGA systems management, design, and architectures, High Level Synthesis (mapping of high level languages to RTL code), and ADSC's application areas in:
• Interactive digital media
• Stereo matching
• Audio processing

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