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Спецкурс Software Protection: How to Crack Programs and Defend Against Cracking

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23-го марта стартует спецкурс кафедры АСВК "Software Protection: How to Crack Programs, and Defend Against Cracking" Вопросы защиты программного обеспечения

Спецкурс будет проводиться по понедельникам и средам в 18:00, в аудитории П-6 факультета ВМК МГУ.

Первая лекция состоится 23 марта 2015г.

Christian Collberg

Associate Professor Department of Computer Science University of Arizona http://www.cs.arizona.edu/

My main research interest is computer security, in particular the so-called Man-At-The-End Attack which occurs in settings where an adversary has physical access to a device and compromises it by tampering with its hardware or software.

About: In the first part of this course we will learn how to "crack" programs, i.e. how hackers break into software to extract secrets, remove license checks, etc. In the second part we will use this knowledge to learn how to defend against such attacks. Learning about this type of computer security is important because many current systems are vulnerable to cracking attacks. This includes computer games, the national power grid, military systems, medical systems, etc. The course will have practical homework exercises where you will crack small programs, and use tools to protect against cracking.

Prerequisites: To follow this course you need to know C and Unix. Some understanding of assembly code, cryptography, and compilers is also useful, but not necessary.

Language: The course will be given in English.

Literature: This textbook is useful to those who want to know more about Software Protection:

Surreptitious Software: Obfuscation, Watermarking, and Tamperproofing for Software Protection

Authors: Collberg and Nagrasy

Предложения по содержанию и функционированию сайта направляйте по адресу cmcproject@cs.msu.ru.