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Lecture by Dr. Simon Spacey (Waikato University in New Zealand)

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The lecture entitled "OpenPAT: Analysing Programs the Easy Way" will be given by Dr. Simon Spacey (Waikato University in New Zealand) at CMC MSU on 21st of August, 12:00, room 685 (6th floor).

Title: OpenPAT: Analysing Programs the Easy Way

Abstract: OpenPAT.org is the home of the Open Program Analysis Toolkit project that originated in Cambridge and Imperial UK. OpenPAT differs from program analysis toolkits such as SUIF (Stanford), GILK (Imperial), Valgrind (Cambridge) and Pin (Intel) in that it instruments code statically and gathers dynamic timing, control and data flow information as the program runs. In this presentation we will review the OpenPAT approach and examine its benefits in comparison with the alternatives and then we will create a new tool for OpenPAT with just a few lines of code that can be used to analyse the internal workings of programs written in any compilable language.

BIO: Dr Simon Spacey graduated top of the class in Computer Science at Cambridge University and completed his Ph.D. in Computer Science at Imperial College London early. Simon is currently a Senior Lecturer at Waikato University in New Zealand where he lectures Computer Systems, Computer Architectures and Software Engineering. Simon's main research area is in Computational Optimisation which involves using tools like OpenPAT to analyse software to identify new system architectures that deliver computational and power advantages.


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