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CMC MSU at INARM meeting in Rome (Italy)

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On the end of May, 2014 CMC MSU attended a coordinating meeting for TEMPUS-IV project INFORMATICS AND MANAGEMENT: BOLOGNA-STYLE QUALIFICATIONS FRAMEWORKS (INARM) in Rome (Italy).


Learning outcomes. Guidelines. Methods of their acquisition by developing online platform for the purpose of interaction between education and financial sectors.

During the meeting partners from Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Italy, Germany, Slovakia, and Austria discussed current progress of project elaboration and conducted further plans.

CMC MSU presented two joint reports:

  1. Basic principles of development of Sectoral Qualifications Framework by N.S. Volpian (CMC MSU), V.V. Tikhomirov (CMC MSU), I.Y. Kharitonova (Nizhnii Novgorod TU), O.A. Kuzenkov (Nizhnii Novgorod TU).

  2. Basic principles of development of the National Sectoral Qualification Framework in the ICT field by N.S. Volpian (CMC MSU), V.V. Tikhomirov (CMC MSU), and I.Y. Kharitonova (Nizhnii Novgorod TU).


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