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Laboratory of Computational Practice and Information Systems

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Head of the laboratory: Leonov Michael, Leading Research Fellow, PhD

Contact information
Phone number: 
+7 (495) 939-56-33

The Laboratory of Computational Practice and Information Systems was created in 1988 as a result of integrating two other laboratories: the Laboratory of Computational Practice Support Tools and the Laboratory of Dialogue Information Systems. The first one was founded in 1975 within the bounds of MSU Research Computer Center as a laboratory for students’ practice. The second one was created in 1985.

Nowadays the general investigation subject of the Laboratory can be indicated as “Intellectual and Multimedia Systems for Automation of Scientific Research and Education”.

Staff members:

  • Novikov Michael, Senior Research Fellow, PhD
  • Gromyko Vladimir, Research Fellow
  • Zakharov Viktor, Research Fellow, PhD
  • Belov Vladimir, Leading Programmer
  • Fedotov Valery, Mathematician
  • Kozyrev Vasily, Mathematician
  • Moshkin Konstantin, Engineer, PhD
  • Gulyaev Maxim, Engineer
  • Stelmashenko Daria, Engineer
  • Kiseleva Elena, Technician
  • Gapanovich Dmitry, Laboratory Assistant


  • Databases and Internet Technologies in scientific researches by Dr. Leonov, 16 seminar hours.
  • Intelligent tutoring system by Dr. Gromyko, 16 seminar hours.

Main directions of scientific investigation

The first area of research is the development of an Intellectual Student Work Place.

The second direction is the development of information systems for processing taxonomic data. As the result of a joint work with specialists of the MSU Botanic Garden several botanic databases were created. On the basis of these databases a monograph was published in the USA and Great Britain. Lately programming tools for automation of historic-archive researches were developed.

The third area of scientific research is the chess informatics. In this framework chess database tools and a chess playing zone have been created with the help of the Laboratory’s team. Also the tasks of parallel processing with complex search algorithms are studied. The ChessOk Playing zone portal ( is known far away from Russia. It was created by Laboratory employees.

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