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Laboratory of Computer Engineering

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Head of the laboratory: Gurevich Evgeny

Contact information
Phone number: 
+7 (495) 939-17-65

The Laboratory was founded in 1988. It has the following purposes: installation and maintenance of computers at CMC Faculty of MSU; a system and technical support of high-performance computing facilities, namely, the supercomputer Blue Gene/P and high-performance system IBM Regatta; maintenance and development of the local area network at the Faculty; maintenance of computer classrooms.

Staff members:

  • Gorskaya Nadezhda, Leading Electronic
  • Efimov Danila, Leading Electronic
  • Sabirov Rashid, Leading Programmer
  • Skoptsov Alexander, Leading Programmer
  • Gerasimova Tatiana, Electronic
  • Grabilina Zinaida, Electronic
  • Malakhova Natalia, Electronic
  • Mitrokhin Gennady, Electronic
  • Rodin Aleksey, Electronic
  • Sadovskaya Svetlana, Electronic
  • Sysoenko Tatiana, Electronic
  • Chernakova Nadezhda, Mathematician
  • Efimenko Elena, Electronic
  • Gulyaeva Natalia, Engineer
  • Zenchenko Alexander, Engineer
  • Tchaikovsky Vitaly, Programmer
  • Kochkareva Viktoria, Electronic
  • Kozlochkov Dmitry, Electrician

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