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Microsoft Technologies Student Laboratory

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Head of the laboratory: Berezin S. B., Associate Professor.

Contact information
Phone number: 
+7 (495) 932-98-16

The Microsoft technologies student laboratory of was founded in 2004. The main objective of the laboratory is to involve students in scientific research activities in the field of information technologies, organization of software development projects based on the Microsoft company technologies. In the framework of laboratory’s activity students can get acquainted with the latest technologies and software products from Microsoft in practice and learn about promising Microsoft Research projects.

The staff of the laboratory performed a number of research projects supported by grants from Microsoft Research and Hewlett Packard. Currently the works are carried out on three key projects.

Along with the trainings the laboratory organizes seminars and meetings of the .NET development university group. Any interested person can become the member of this group. Meeting materials are published on the site.

The laboratory has it’s own library, which is regularly updated with current Information Technologies editions. In addition, the issuance of products by MSDN Academic Alliance subscription is organized here for all students, postgraduates and faculty members.

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